Sunday, 18 September 2016

Bradgate 2016

Last weekend saw the final muster of the year for me... it's been a sparse season in terms of my attendance this year, although I've managed 4 musters: Basing House, Newstead Abbey, Holdenby House, and Bradgate. So much other stuff has had to take precedence, but I've enjoyed all the events I have been to, enormously.

Keith and I were the only attendees from Prince Maurice's at this muster, and we joined up with some chaps from King's Guard, amongst others, to form a musket block, and drive the Parliamentarians from the field in a skirmish that lasted less than an hour.
This final muster was a really nice way to finish though, as despite the intermittent drizzle, there were no powder problems, and I had no misfires, getting off a dozen shots. Faithful Freddie Flintlock cracked out some nice shots, and our rank were specifically commended for the quality of the volleys.

A couple of snapshots from the day...

Above: arriving and starting to unload the back of Shogi!
Below: Keith takes shelter under a tree for lunch. 

 Above and Below: a well-supported Living History area right beside the field of battle.

So, that's it for season two, although Keith, Bob and I have a "planning session" lined up (basically a trip to the pub to discuss all things re-enactment over a few ales). Then it will be winter quarters... we'll probably be tempted to pop to The Original Re-enactment Market (TORM) which takes place only a short distance from where I live - handy for picking up more kit I definitely don't need!!
See you next season.