Thursday, 14 April 2016

Season 2 Episode 1

It's wonderful to come out of "Winter Quarters", and last weekend Keith, Bob and I headed off to the first muster of the year at Basing House.
Having just got back from a short break in Rome, I could only manage a "day trip", which also suited Keith and Bob, and so we set off early on the Saturday and arrived in time to draw powder, followed by a little sword practice, lunch in the local hostelry, and then onto the field.
This being "Royalist Army training weekend" (with only Royalist regiments present), someone had to be Parliament, and so we joined a number of units who played rebels for the day.
A good crowd enjoyed the spectacle, and my faithful flintlock fired 18 good noisy shots (with only 1 misfire, which I cleared at first attempt anyway), so a most enjoyable day all round.

A passing visitor was good enough to snap this picture as we posed amongst the ruins of old Basing House after the action...

Not sure whether it's the three musketeers, wise monkeys, or something worse!!

Anyway, it's great to kick the season off with a bang!