Thursday, 27 August 2015

Preparing for Chester

This coming Bank Holiday weekend, I'll be one of the many who trek to the beautiful city of Chester and after a couple of months of inactivity on the re-enactment front, I have to say I'm really looking forward to it.

(By the way, on the picture above, on the left, you can see one of this blog's regular visitors and commenters, Andy, of The King's Guard... looking very fierce and warlike!!)

On Saturday, there's a march through the town,
and the Sunday and Monday both involve Living History displays and sizeable battles at Chester Racecourse.

Full details are here...

So, this week I've been getting my kit out of the cupboard, cleaning thoroughly my new flintlock (which I'm rather proud of!), making up cartridges, and making a few minor repairs to various bits n bobs.
With the weather forecast being "mixed", and anticipating the possibility of showers, I decided to take extra morale boosting victuals this time and so a   special supermarket run was needed to get the supplies required for such a weekend. I wouldn't want the normal weekly shopping trolley to collapse under the weight of extra alcohol and food!
Now, I'm all set; just got to load up Shogie tomorrow, and make an early start on Saturday.

If you're in the Chester area why not persuade the rest of the family to come along and enjoy the spectacle.