Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Joining Up

Many moons ago, probably in about 1977 or thereabouts, I saw a group of "English Civil War" re-enactors performing a display in Coventry precinct prior to holding one of their battle musters the next day at Coombe Abbey.
As a 13-14 year old (ish), I was transfixed, and wanted to find out more.
Over the intervening years, I've seen the Sealed Knot (and others) in action on a few occasions, always wanted to give it a go, but for one reason or another, never did.
Until now...

And so it was at the start of 2015, that I decided, "why not?!"
So, that's just 37 years later...!
Well you're only here once, eh?!

And so, I got in touch with "The Knot" by email, and simply asked if there were any Royalist regiments (wouldn't want to be a Rebel now, would I?!) based in the area, or at least with members in my area.

Lo and behold...... within 48 hours I had received 4 responses from Royalist CO's.
Several email exchanges and exploratory phone calls ensued, and I can safely say a nicer, more helpful bunch of guys I couldn't have hoped to meet.
In the end, it came down to having someone only a couple of miles away (let's call him Keith, on the grounds that that's his name) who came round for a chat one Sunday afternoon.
I joined up - Prince Maurice's Regiment of Dragoons.

It wasn't painful.
Or at least it hasn't been yet. But then, I haven't been "on the field" yet... That starts next Monday - more of which anon.

This blog is simply my observations, ramblings and I hope a few interesting notes on all things ECW re-enactment. I'll even throw in some stuff on battlefields and history for good measure.
Join me on the journey as I try to make some sense of this whole re-enacting hobby in the coming months...
I'll be posting more over the next couple of days... and I promise not to put too many olde-worlde e's on the end of words in the name of "authenticity". That's just naffe!