Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Getting Kitted Out

Firstly. Thank you to those who commented on the first post and those who joined the blog by following! I really appreciate this. And if my experiences, shared here, can encourage anyone who fancies a go at re-enacting to do so, then that's great.

So, on with the story so far...

As luck would have it, I live only a few miles from the venue of TORM (The Original Re-enactors Market) which took place on 13-15th of March this year.

Well, what an array of stuff!... and despite the good, sensible, and sound advice of my regimental colleagues, that I shouldn't dive headlong into buying too much gear at this early stage, I got stuck right in!!
I think Keith and Bob were quite taken aback at my "all in" approach to kit buying.

In short, I came away with:
singlet (waistcoat),
red soldiers coat,
Montero hat,
and bucket-top boots (I'm playing the Dragoon card here),
along with belt and leather pouch (for keeping wallet, iPhone and other valuables in!). 
And, I treated myself to a cloak, for those cold evenings down at the pub after a hard day's mustering.

Since I have an aversion to contact lenses, and since it's probably a good idea to be able to see whilst I'm engaged in this lark (I want to be able to see what I'm aiming at), I also placed an order for some period specs! Yes, I didn't know spectacles were around in the 17th century, either, but seemingly...
These arrived today, prescription fulfilled!

In the meantime, I've found a wide-brimmed felt hat - from a high street store, so stretching authenticity a little, but which I have doctored up by replacing the hat-band with some twisted cord to make it look more "in period".

I also have a rather good knapsack that Mark Allen (formerly a re-enactor of some distinction, he tells me) donated to the cause.

So there you have it... I'm all kitted up and ready to embark on my first muster.
This will take place at Basing House on Easter Monday. Although the event is on all Easter weekend, we'll only be going on the Monday... a perfect way to introduce myself to the fray. If you're there, look out for me - I'll be the one holding the musket wrong way up, marching out of step, and generally disobeying/ misunderstanding every drill move!
I may even succumb and post some pictures next time ... you never know!

And after that, I'll be sending off for my various licenses and wot-not so that eventually I can own my own musket!! Now, that will be fun!!